What is a facilitator?

A facilitator essentially is a 'host' for a specific session at the GPCE. Having a facilitator present in the sessions adds structure and a point of contact for the delegates attending the GPCE.

Who can be a facilitator?

Medical Students

What are the benefits of being a facilitator?

As an incentive, the GPCE provides student facilitators with complimentary access to the conference.

What is the facilitator's role?

• Arriving at the nominated session at least 10 minutes prior
• Introducing the speaker & session
• Facilitating question time
• Thanking all delegates at the end of the session and reminding them to complete their accreditation documentation
• Keeping the session in order and running on schedule at all times
• Notifying the conference team should something not be quite right.

How can you register?

For more information or to apply to be a facilitator, please contact Nick Wolf via [email protected]