Emperia: Your free lead scanning app

Forget business cards, meet Emperia - a lead scan app that helps you collect contact details for every visitor you meet at GPCE. Developed by RX Global, this app is available to all exhibitors for use during the event.

  • Scan the visitor badge.
  • Visitor information is automatically saved.
  • View your lead’s details, add and edit your notes and lead rating.
  • Download your lead report at anytime, using the direct link provided in your Emperia Welcome email.
  • At the end of each day, check your emails and view your consolidated lead report.


Exhibitor Dashboard

The Exhibitor Dashboard offers a data-driven approach to ensure you get the most out of your participation at GPCE. It gives you visibility into quantifiable business values. With the dashboard, you can:

  • Quantify your company profile views and leads captured through the event
  • View and download leads scanned at the show
  • Split view leads by dimensions of interest
  • Assess online visitor engagement with your company and products/services over time 
  • View matchmaking recommendations made to visitors by RX on your behalf through different channels

Also, you can upgrade to Exhibitor Dashboard Pro and compare your performance with competitors and identify areas of improvement.

Business Matchmaking

The Business Matchmaking Program provides visitors with a personalised list of exhibitors that match their specific needs and interests. This encourages one-on-one meetings with exhibitors.

  • Ensure your exhibitor profile, products & categories are filled in.
  • Visitors will then select the products & categories they are interested in during their registration process.
  • Visitors will then receive recommendations based on this information via email and also the website, adding them to their show planner.
  • View your quantifiable recommendations via your exhibitor dashboard.


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