Does insulin still have a place in the management of hyperglycaemia in T2D?

Insulin, our first pharmacotherapeutic agent and King, is almost a centenarian – but is it time for the old King to abdicate? Are GLP1-RAs the rightful heirs to the injectable kingdom or simply adolescent upstarts needing to earn their right to the throne?

Join us for this lively and entertaining MEDTalk presented by three prominent GPs with deep expertise in diabetes as they debate whether, in this new realm of diabetes management, the older sovereign, insulin, should now be consigned to the retirement village of history.

Learning outcomes

  •  Analyse updated recommendations in new Australian and international T2D management guidelines in relation to injectable therapies.
  •  Develop a person-centred model of T2D care to optimise both individual quality of life and clinical outcomes.
  •  Identify clinical situations where GLP1-RA and insulins may provide improved outcomes in T2D management.
  •  Apply the most appropriate injectable therapy to provide optimal person-centred T2D care.

Earn yourself 3 RACGP points or 2 ACRRM CPD hours by participating in this high-impact webinar.


Dr Peter Hay


Peter Hay has been involved in GP education for many years. He has a particular interest in diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and has been a principal investigator in a number trials in both these areas as well as flu research. He is also acts as an expert GP in medicolegal cases. 

Outside of medicine, Peter spends his time trying to maintain his competency in 7 languages, leading to his other interest (or diversion) -- drinking great wine (he was a wine writer for Australian Doctor and Medical Observer for 20 years).

A/Prof Ralph Audehm


Ralph Audehm is a clinical associate professor (University of Melbourne) and a full time GP for over 30 years, with interest in chronic disease management and quality improvement in general practice. He has implemented translational projects into general practice including diabetes prevention, diabetes management, heart failure management and domestic violence.

Ralph has close links to the Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne, and participates in research and teaching of medical students.

A/Prof Gary Kilov


Gary Kilov is a clinical associate professor (University of Melbourne) and is a founding member of both the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Diabetes specific interest group and the Primary Care Diabetes Society of Australia (PCDSA).  He is a member of several NDSS (National Diabetes Supply Scheme) Expert Reference Groups and is the past editor in chief of the PCDSA journal and a contributor to the RACGP diabetes handbook (2012-20).

Gary shares his time between Launceston treating the full spectrum of patients with diabetes and obesity-related conditions, and providing peer to peer and medical undergraduate education on diabetes and related conditions. He is involved in undergraduate and postgraduate education both within Australia and internationally and is widely published in peer reviewed journals on topics covering diabetes, obesity and respiratory medicine.

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