Blended QI 40-point sessions

What is a QI 40-point session?

The GPCE QI 40-point session (quality improvement) is a 5-hour program which encourages GPs to take a deep dive into the management of a therapeutic area in their practice, with a focus on real behavioural change. GPs are given an opportunity to identify their learning gaps and compare these with a cohort as they embark on practical education, both face-to-face and online. On completion, they will evaluate their own change in behaviour and that of their cohort, to reinforce learning.

How is the QI 40-point session delivered?

The QI 40-point session is a 5-hour program, delivered in a blended learning format. After completing a pre-learning activity GPs will engage in 3 hours of practical, face-to-face group learning at a GPCE conference, followed by 2 hours of education online. Finally, a post-activity exercise will allow GPs to evaluate their own behaviour change and that of their cohort.

Why are we delivering a QI 40-point session through blended learning?

Blended learning which combines face-to-face and online education, allows GPs to engage in the 40-point session using a more flexible learning approach. GPs can choose from a GPCE conference in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane or Melbourne. Following this, they can complete the online education at their own pace. The blended learning model also allows GPs to choose the QI 40-point session and other education during a GPCE conference, to give them their full 130 CPD points for the triennium.

What are the benefits?

  • High quality education promoting real behavioural change
  • Education reviewed and delivered by experienced GP peers
  • Ability for GPs to gain 130 CPD points per GPCE
  • Deeper learning in key targeted education areas
  • Flexible blended learning format
  • Highly practical, supporting individual GP practice
  • Two face-to-face sessions available per GPCE 
  • Ability to track change in management 40 RACGP points, 5 ACRRM hour

What Blended QI 40-point sessions are available at GPCE Perth?

What Blended QI 40-point sessions are available at GPCE Brisbane?