COVID-19 - Events in the new normal

In this difficult and uncertain time, the health and safety of our colleagues, exhibitors and visitors is of paramount importance to RX Global. With that in mind, we have developed a formal set of enhanced health and safety protocols in collaboration with industry task forces for our upcoming events. Click here to read the full document.

For an overview of how we will be helping all our customers do business in a safe environment, please click here.

The following video outlines what you can expect to see in place at RX Global events in the new normal. 

New COVID Safe Event Terms & Conditions for GPCE

Exhibitors participating at Beauty Expo Australia will be required to operate as per the requirements of  their Covid Safe Plan in their normal work places.

In line with Government Regulations, RX will be operating cashless ticketing services at Beauty Expo Australia. 

The venue cafes and kiosks will also all operate as cashless. In line with the NSW Covid Safe Plan for the beauty industry, we encourage exhibitors to offer contactless payment options at the event. 

When giving away samples at Beauty Expo Australia, exhibitors are encouraged in line with Government regulations set out in the NSW Beauty Industry Covid Safe Plan to offer individually wrapped samples that are handled minimally to reduce contact between parties. RX encourages the removal of communal product testers or samples to comply with the industry's Covid Safe Plan.

In line with the conditions outlined in the NSW Covid Safe Plan for the beauty industry, exhibitors  and event cleaners are advised that any surfaces customers touch should be cleaned with a detergent or disinfectant solution or wiped between each customer. Towels and linen should be laundered between customers.

Places of Confirmed Exposure

Please ensure you check NSW Health for a list of confirmed exposure sites. If you have been to any of the confirmed locations do NOT attend Beauty Expo Australia.

If you feel sick or unwell or have symptoms of Covid 19 please do NOT attend Beauty Expo Australia, isolate and get tested and follow directions from the Department of Health.

Covid Safe Plan

In complying with relevant Government Regulations you can find the Covid Safe Plan for Beauty Expo Australia here.